Resume (C.V.)

Jeff R. Filler, Ph.D., P.E.

Consulting Engineer / Technical Writer and Editor / Freelance Writer (Present, Part-Time)

Consultant to the building products and engineering industry; development and review of test plans, product testing, and other documents pursuant to product evaluations and approvals. Particular emphasis in structural wood products.

Technical writer / editor for the Wood Products Council – Wood Products Council: review and editing of Wood Products Council articles. Consultant to the Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLIB).

Freelance writer on various topics.

(List of Freelance and Other Works on Pages 5ff; current Blog is here.)

Senior Staff Engineer (2014 – 2021)

Senior Staff Engineer with the International Code Council – Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) at the Birmingham Eastern Regional Office. Developed Acceptance Criteria for ICC-ES Evaluation Reports in accordance with the latest International Building and International Residential Codes and referenced and consensus Standards. Evaluate products for compliance with building codes and standards in accordance with approved Acceptance Criteria resulting in new and revised ICC-ES Evaluation Reports. Evaluations include review of test reports, manufacturer quality documentation, and engineering analyses. Responsibilities include presentation of Acceptance Criteria in public hearings before the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee, and presenting proposed revisions for public comment through the Alternative Criteria Development Process (public posting and Evaluation Committee balloting).

Consulting Engineer and Adjunct/Affiliate/Clinical Assistant Professor (Previous)

Referred to as “The Doc” by colleagues, clients, and students. As a practicing engineer I strove to provide affordable engineering solutions to satisfy owner, architect, and building code requirements. As an educator I taught `real life’ engineering design and construction to engineering, architecture, and construction management students at the local universities. I have additional experience and expertise with small mountain stream hydrology, determining flood, mean, and low flow quantities and water surface elevations. Through the years I have served as a consultant to a major Glulam manufacturer providing technical information, engineering analyses and remedies for damaged beams, improper installations, beams with checking or manufacturing defects, etc. Concurrently I penned several engineering-related blogs and was an active contributor to Associated Content/Yahoo Voices, garnering 1M page views prior to those platforms shutting down. My consulting work has also included Demolition and Shoring Engineering (not as fun as it sounds – I didn’t get to blow up things), and limited design of `civil’ works (roads, parking lots, storm sewers, etc.). I have been called upon to serve as an expert witness on several structures-construction related cases, a flood flow/ railroad embankment failure case, and a bicycle accident case (street/sidewalk signage). I have also been active as an editor/writer/reviewer of technical materials, including the role as Facilitator (main consulting editor) for the most recently published Sixth Edition Timber Construction Manual (American Institute of Timber Construction/West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau), a role I also served for the Fifth Edition. In 2011 I traveled to Malaysia to help reintroduced `Glulam’ to that country and consulted on the design of the first custom glulam timber residence there.

Teaching roles included Adjunct / Affiliate faculty member at the University of Idaho and Clinical Assistant Professor at Washington State University School of Design and Construction. Teaching assignments included instruction of most of the mechanics courses in the Undergraduate Engineering curriculum at the University of Idaho, in addition to Reinforced Concrete, Steel Building, and Wind and Seismic Design for the Architecture students at the University of Idaho, and the Structures sequence for Architecture and Construction Management students at Washington State University. The opportunity to both practice and teach in adjunct capacity at the local universities allowed me to bring practical problems into the classroom as well as perfect my technical skills for consulting. As a part of the Reinforced Concrete class at the University of Idaho, we made and broke full size reinforced (and sometimes `plain’) concrete beams. Casting, making performance predictions on, and then loading the beams to failure (our `Make and Break’ term projects), was a very effective and rewarding teaching-learning experience for my students, and myself.

Other Career Activity and Employment

Through the years I have additionally worked as a Research Analyst with Idaho Water Resource Research Institute, as a professor at the College of Ministry Training (Bible college), as well as a professional engineer for local (Pacific Northwest) engineering, surveying, and construction firms. I have also worked construction (wood frame and concrete) as an employee, volunteer, and structures and remodels on my own property.


Ph.D. (Civil Engineering), Washington State University, Dec. 1989.

M.S. Civil Engineering, University of Idaho, May 1985.

B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Idaho, May 1980.

B.A. Biblical Studies, College of Ministry Training, May 1991.


States in which Currently Licensed to Practice Engineering

State of Idaho, License No. 5316, Since March 1986.

State of Washington, License No. 33508, Since September 1996.


Organizations & Affiliations

Professional Member, American Institute of Timber Construction / West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau / Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau.

Chairman, Technical Review Board, ANSI A190.1 American National Standard for wood products – Structural Glued Laminated Timber, American National Standard Institute.

Active with the Wood Design Standards Committee, American Wood Council: National Design Specification® for Wood Construction (NDS), Wood-Frame Construction Manual (WFCM), and Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS).

Professional Member, ASTM International, D07 (Wood) Committees.


Selected Past Engineering Consulting Projects and Other Activities

Design of gravity and lateral force resisting systems for custom residential and commercial structures (including business and manufacturing facilities, wood-frame motels, and a ski lodge), including stick frame, timber frame, glulam, post and beam, log, and reinforced concrete (ICF).

Expert witness on railroad embankment failure, deck failure, and misconstruction cases.

Invited Speaker: various glued laminated timber topics, to the faculty and students of University Teknologi Mara (UiTM), the Malaysian Timber Council, and Malaysia Public Works Department, January, 2011.

Consultant: ‘banglo asmadi’: first custom glued laminated timber home in the country of Malaysia, attached to Iktisas Ingenieurs (Engineers), Sdn.Bhd., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Facilitator (Editor / Reviewer) for the Sixth Edition of the American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC) Timber Construction Manual (Wiley, 2012) keeping Manual current with National Design Specification ® changes including dual ASD / LRFD format, changes to beam and column stability provisions, as well as adding examples and expanded bridge design, AND, Facilitator for Fifth Edition of the AITC Timber Construction Manual (Wiley, 2005) – essentially a complete re-write of the Manual including a chapter on Load and Resistance Factor design.

Tainter Gate Anchor Bolt Failure Investigation – Little Goose Dam, Snake River, Washington.

Structural Engineering – Mary Janes Farm® facility, Moscow, Idaho (library, guest facility, manufacturing, etc.).

Demolition Engineering (and Shoring Plans) – University of Idaho Teaching and Learning Center, Washington State University (Compton Union Building), and Spokane Convention Center.

Structural Engineering for `Mountain House’, `Guesthouse’, `Cowboy House’, and `Canyon House’ with award winning architect Paul Hirzel, AIA.

Evaluation of structural significance of seasoning checks in glued-laminated timbers, numerous; and, evaluation of structural significance of incorrectly installed, damaged, or modified glulam beams, numerous.

Design of retaining walls, including reinforced concrete, segmental block and larger (`eco’) blocks, both gravity and reinforced backfill, numerous.

Work with City Building Official and Fire Department in Mitigating Excess Snow Loads on Buildings

Structural Inspections and Observations, numerous.

Field measurement of mountain stream flows and stream and lake and water quality measurements.

Determination of streamflow of ungaged mountain streams for potential hydroelectric power development.

Measurement and determination of flood and low flows for fish habitat and stream relocation.


Architecture and Construction Management Courses (Teaching and Taught)

Washington State University – School of Design and Construction and UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO – Departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Structures I – General Structures (for Architecture and Construction Management Students)

Structures II – Structural Wood and Steel (for Architecture and Construction Management Students)

Structures III – Structural Concrete and Lateral Forces (Undergraduate and Graduate Level)

Building Technology I – Reinforced Concrete Design (Engineered and Prescriptive Design); lecture and lab (Architecture Students)

Building Technology II – Steel Design (Architecture Students)

Building Technology III – Wind and Seismic Design (Architecture Students)

Surveying (Landscape Architecture Students, Lecture and Field)

Engineering Courses Taught

UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO – College of Engineering (Various Departments)

WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Engineering Statics

Engineering Dynamics

Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Mechanics of Materials

Engineering Hydraulics (Lecture and Lab)

Engineering Graphics (CAD)

Fundamentals Exam Review – Fluid Mechanics

Fundamentals Exam Review – Dynamics


Engineering Publications and Works

“The Pullman-Moscow Groundwater Management Plan,” Draft of 1990 for the Pullman-Moscow Water Resources Committee.

Response of the shear layers separating from a circular cylinder to small-amplitude rotational, J.R. Filler, P.L. Marston, W.C. Mih, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (1991), vol. 231, pp. 481-499, Printed in Great Britain (Refereed).

Response of the Shear Layers Separating From a Circular Cylinder to Small Amplitude Rotational Oscillations, Ph. D. Dissertation, 1989, Washington State University, 173 pages.

Improvement of Flow Duration Curve Prediction Using Low Flow Discharge Measurements, Masters Thesis, University of Idaho, May 1985.

Technical Reviewer for Richard D. Irwin Publishing Company (Dynamics text).



Attendance and completion of FEMA Earthquake Engineering, Advanced Earthquake Engineering, and Wind Engineering (Mitigation) courses at National Emergency Training Center, Emmitsburg, MD.


Developed and presented `Glued Laminated Timber Design and Construction’, September 14, 2012, Boise, Idaho, 6 hrs, Hyatt Place, Boise Town Square, for Engineers, Architects, and Contractors (sole presenter).


Continuing Education

Details available by request.


Provided by request.


List of Other Publications (Freelance)

Currently FOR SALE on Internet

Bighorn Sheep Hunting in the Idaho Wilderness, Tales, Pointers, and Things to Think About for Do-it-Yourself and Guided Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunts in Idaho Units 27-1 and 26, Revised First Edition,, Hardcover, 76 Pages, ISBN 5800117549196.

A Boy and His Dad, Memories of a Kid Growing up in the Woods of Idaho,, Softcover, 57 Pages, ISBN 979-8-21-045619-9.


On Hunt’n & Fish’n Biz, Hunt’n Savage, Inc.

Candace and the Controlled Deer Hunt, Hunt’n & Fish’n Biz, Hunt’n Savage, Inc., Vol. 1, Issue 6, November 2003, Pages 32-33.

How to Easily Pack Your Meat Out, Hunt’n & Fish’n Biz, Hunt’n Savage, Inc., Vol. 2, Issue 3, March 2004, Page 52.

Father and Son Sheep Tale, Hunt’n & Fish’n Biz, Hunt’n Savage, Inc., Vol. 3, Issue 5, May – June 2005, Pages 10-11.

Idaho Goat Hunt, Hunt’n & Fish’n Biz, Hunt’n Savage, Inc., Vol. 3, Issue 11, January – February 2006, Pages 10-11.

Father and Son Sheep Tale, Hunt’n & Fish’n Biz, Hunt’n Savage, Inc., Vol. 4, Issue 1, January – February 2006, Pages 38-39.

The Bighorn

Planning a Do-it-Yourself Bighorn Sheep Hunt, The Bighorn, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, Pages 9-12.

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Why I Hunt, Big Game Hunt (, RiderWeb, Inc.

How You Think Affects Your (Hunting) Experience, Big Game Hunt (, RiderWeb, Inc.

A New Approach to Handling Game, Big Game Hunt (, RiderWeb, Inc.

Planning a Do-it-Yourself Bighorn Sheep Hunt, Big Game Hunt (, RiderWeb, Inc.

Hunting Tips (numerous), Big Game Hunt (, RiderWeb, Inc.

List of Articles on Yahoo Voices / Associated Content (former Division of Yahoo, now closed)



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Proper Beam Size

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