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Mountain House

`Mountain House', Moscow Mountain, Architect Paul Hirzel, Engineer Jeff Filler. Photo by Art Grice.

Address:   Jeff R. Filler, Ph.D., P.E., The `Doc'
  4920 Nottingham Lane

Birmingham, AL  35223
Phone:   (208) 874-7972
Web:   www.woodengineering.com


I provide professional engineering consultation and design services including Analysis and Design of Gravity Load and Lateral Force Resisting Systems for commercial, manufacturing, institutional, and custom residential structures. I specialize in timber engineering, including glued-laminated timbers (glulam), traditional timber frame design, and also sawn lumber.  Services include limited structural engineering for individual structural members or systems, or the entire structural package, including foundations. I also do structural inspections and demolition/shoring engineering.  I provide retaining wall designs - whether basement retaining walls for structures above, or `outside' segmental block retaining walls (gravity or reinforced backfill).  I also participate heavily in the the structural engineering and wood products fields as a whole, both in the manufacturing and code and design manual writing arenas. I have served as an expert witness on a number of court cases (structural and hydrology related), and am indeed an expert. I teach structural engineering to engineering and architecture and construction management students at the local universities, and run a number of structures-related and other blogs.  It's fun.  Please feel free to call on me to design, consult, teach, write, inspect, or just talk engineering.

                        Jeff R. Filler, Ph.D., P.E.,  (More about the ENGINEER ... here)

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  • Gravity Load Resisting Systems
Post and Beam

Traditional Timber Frame (All-Wood Joinery)

Laminated Beams and Decking

Log Structures

Post Frame Structures

Conventional Framing


Jemes Glulam Trusses

  • Wind and Seismic Force Resisting Systems
Shear Walls and Diaphragms

Steel Frames

Vertical Cantilevered Engineered Wood Systems

Knee Bracing

Pole Construction

Wind Trusses

  Steel Tube Frame Construction

  • Demolition Engineering / Shoring

 (No, I don't blow up buildings; that would be fun ... but I show you what you need to do to keep it standing while you take it apart and rebuilt it!)

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                      demolition project

  • Forensic Engineering

Construction Screw-ups

Structural Failures

Post and Beam Construction

  • Consultant to Engineered Wood Industry

                Glued Laminated Timber

                Glulam Heavy Timber Decking

                Damage and Defect Evaluation and Repair

  • Mountain Hydrology and Stream Hydraulics

Flood Magnitude Determination

Flood Flow Water Surface Elevation

Ungaged Stream Flow Determination

Low Flow Determination and Channel Design

Snow Depth and Snow Load

Post and Beam Construction

  • Retaining Walls

Basement Retaining Walls

Cast-in-Place Concrete Retaining Walls

Segmental (Block) Walls (Gravity and Reinforced)

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